Welcome to "The Trumpet of Heaven" this site is dedicated to mustering those who have heard The Clarion Call.  Heal yourself,  realign with your source,  and stand forth as a Servant of The Light.
"Clarion Call" = an urgent call to action;  inspiration to act

The Call to Awake from deep Soul Slumber has been sounded.  Stand forth as the Sons & Daughters of the Divine Creative Principle and bring forth The Christ!  Stand forth in your Fathers Love,  Wisdom,  and Will.  We are ONE!
All for One,  and One for All!

Soul Ascension

The Ascension of Earth along with the souls embodied at this time upon Earth is a wonderful adventure.  Join us in raising your vibrations and accepting your divine purpose.

Announce humbly, with love,  and sincerity -
"I AM in the Father, and the Father is in me. The Father and I are One.  God is in his Holy Temple!"
Embrace the feeling  in your  Heart.  Connect with the vibrating "Divine Chord"  and joyful exultation that comes when  communing with The Divine Creative Principal.  You are One with The Divine Creative Principal, God, I Am that I Am.
The Father is calling from deep within your heart.
Embrace God and release the beliefs and training you have accepted from this world that instill separateness and division.  
We offer humble,  loving,  joyful service to those who accept the call.  Healing Sessions,  Training,  as well as various modalities for raising consciousness and vibration  are offered by the the Light Workers on this site. 
Make the choice only you can make too lift yourself up and above the "human" to overcome and realize Oneness.  Walk thru each day  living the Ideal,  taking the path all great masters have taught.


We are Emissaries of The Light.  Here to assist you in realigning with your Spirit and Source. Divine Creative Principal birthed all that is and all that ever will be.  All the Great Masters including Jesus,  Buddha,  Abraham, and many more agree that "We are expressions of The Divine Creative Principal."  The Beloved Masters instruct that we are heir to the Love and Gifts of our Father.  Gifts which each of these Masters actualized during their walks in Earthly bodies.  Jesus stated "Verily, verily, I say to you, he who is believing in me, the works that I do -- that one also shall do, and greater than these he shall do, because I go on to my Father."

Souls are being magnetized towards their  Families of Love & Light.  These Families are congregations of souls that have an affinity or Harmonic Resonance for each others Souls.  As the world accelerates into greater:  Change - Instability - Fear - Anger - Sensuality - Violence - Selfishness...  We who hear the resounding Clarion Call of God's Trumpet are summoned  to Awake and Stand Forth!  Emissaries of Light stand forth to live the ideal that has been exemplified by all The Masters.  Step Forward and listen to the still small voice in your heart and let the light "which lighteth every man that cometh into the world" illumine your body,  heart,  mind, and soul.  Accept The Clarion Call and be "The Light of God which Knows Only Victory!"

With Joyful Anticipation, We await walking side by side along the path with you.

Earth Changes
Planetary Ascension

The Servants of the Light found on this website offer diverse methods to assist you in growing and achieving greater harmony with your inner God-Self.  Inspiration of the Soul & Intellect thru Music,  consultation for Advice from Spirit,  and Training in Chanting to experience Oneness are all offered here.  Each Emissary has a Bio page that explains who they are & how they offer to assist you.  Each one has information on their page on how you may contact them. 
Our site also offers a Syllabus page with suggestions for reading material,  a products page with links to unique products that are beneficial in the times we live in,  and links to other websites with LightWorkers who you may be drawn to work with.
God and the Divine Creative Principle provide infinite ways of reaching your goal of growing and connecting with your God-Self within.  We Emissaries offer a our services to you.